Cole Schotz P.C.


Discovery Services


In addition, many service related businesses are increasingly the target of non-party subpoenas.  We work with our clients’ legal, technological and compliance teams to develop efficient and defensible discovery solutions for first-time and seasoned litigants and businesses that must frequently respond to non-party subpoenas.

Litigation Readiness
Information stakeholders recognize the value of becoming “litigation ready.”  Adopting a proactive approach to likely litigation or subpoena responses maximizes cost-efficiency and defensibility.  With these goals in mind, we meet with information stakeholders to:

  • develop and implement defensible and consistent electronically stored information protocol;
  • design policy relating to information preservation, collection, processing and review; and
  • implement defensive computed assisted review.

Discovery Counsel
As Discovery Counsel, we collaborate with in-house and/or outside counsel regarding all discovery related issues to maximize institutional efficiencies and lower risk by:

  • implementing and overseeing legal holds in small, medium and large businesses;
  • using early case assessment technology to assist in the decision to file a complaint or in the assessment of defenses;
  • overseeing data collection, documenting the chain of custody and handling the information review and production;
  • appearing at court conferences and conducting meet-and-confer sessions; and
  • conducting and defending discovery and electronically stored information related depositions.

Our team provides strategic advice, counsel, and representation to businesses after we gain a full understanding of their business and its information systems. With that critical information, we make recommendations and ultimately strategic decisions that are driven by defensibility and efficiency.