Cole Schotz P.C.



3rd Real Estate Preferred Equity & Mezzanine Financing Summit, The Pierre Hotel, New York, NY

May 9, 2012

Attorney: Leo V. Leyva

Partner, Leo Leyva spoke on the topic: 
Hot Issues When Structuring and Documenting A Mezzanine Loan

To view important highlights from the event, where the key areas below are addressed, please click here.

  • Is your non-recourse carve out guaranty up to date: what is changing & what is debated
  • How can structural subordination be impaired?  The impact of in re General Growth and in re JER/Jameson
  • Issues surrounding certificating your security interest under Article 8
  • What are the”battle lines” in the inter creditor agreement between the mezz and mortgage lender?



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