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Susan M. Usatine was quoted in an article titled, "6 Dos And Don'ts Of Doc Retention"

May 15, 2014


Attorney: Susan M. Usatine

Member, Susan M. Usatine spoke with Law360 on the 6 Dos And Don'ts Of Doc Retention.

"Ultimately, the value of information being kept just declines over time while the risk of hanging on to the information just increases, according to Susan M. Usatine, co-chair of Cole Schotz Meisel Forman & Leonard PA's discovery services practice group. So having a sufficient procedure in place and knowing when to freeze any automatic purging schedules is crucial, especially when it comes to responding to legal holds, given that much of the onus has fallen on law firms to comply — or make sure their clients comply — with legal holds, Usatine said."

"Do you have a mechanism to pull that drawbridge up and stop that information from going anywhere?" she said. "There's some real gravitas to it. If you foul this stuff up, you pay throughout the course of the litigation and the client will bear the brunt of that. Whether it's $100,000 exposure or $100 million exposure, it touches every case."

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