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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies CLE Presentation at Cole Schotz New Jersey Office

February 21, 2019

Attorney: Marc P. Press

Interest in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies that often accompany them continues to grow as companies and governments become increasingly interested in adopting and implementing blockchain infrastructures and automated systems governed by smart contracts. Additionally, the advent of initial coin offerings as an alternative to traditional debt and equity capital raising structures has garnered the interest of investors and with it the scrutiny of regulators. Advocates argue that blockchains will revolutionize and disrupt existing businesses and processes. This webinar will explain the fundamentals of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and the risks and challenges associated with blockchains. This webinar will further explain cryptocurrencies, the status of cryptocurrencies as a security, and raising capital through initial coin offerings. Finally, this webinar will discuss the business applications of blockchains, tokenization, and cryptocurrencies as an asset class.


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