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With attorneys practicing Cannabis law since 2013, Cole Schotz has been at the forefront of the New Jersey cannabis industry. Our team is renowned for their personal commitment and passion for the plant. We guide clients through regulatory compliance, risk management, governmental affairs and licensing in connection with cannabis related uses. Our attorneys stay informed of the latest updates so that they can properly advise clients as laws continue to evolve.

We are uniquely well-suited for investors and entrepreneurs alike with respect to the opportunities and challenges presented by this emerging industry. Our clients include plant-touching, non-plant-touching and hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoid based businesses, including CBD. In addition, we also represent high-net worth individuals and others looking to invest in the industry. Our cannabis clients include not only cannabis companies located in the Northeast, but also multi-state operators of licensed cannabis businesses across the nation.

The group is a composition of attorneys from across practice areas and specialties. Together our team has expertise in corporate, employment, environmental, intellectual property, litigation, real estate, securities and tax law. This multi-disciplinary approach allows us to pair legal expertise with industry experience to create a 360° view of what companies in the cannabis industry need to succeed.




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