Cole Schotz P.C.


Directors & Officers Liability


In response to the frequency of such claims, large and small companies, whether corporations, partnerships or limited liability companies, regularly purchase directors' and officers' (D&O) liability insurance to provide personal financial protection to its leaders, if and when they are sued in conjunction with the discharge of their corporate duties. Officers and directors of large corporations require D&O coverage, which has become a core component of corporate insurance, as a condition of employment. Indeed, many investors and venture capitalists also require D&O coverage as a condition of funding.

The firm's D&O liability practice group represents D&O liability insurers, and their insured companies, directors and officers, in defense of claims involving breaches of fiduciary and other basic duties, and claims arising under intellectual property, white collar, employment, environmental and securities laws. The firms' D&O group offers invaluable direction on how best to protect against, and respond to, liability issues in all such matters.

Our D&O practice group also has established a proven track record defending corporate directors and officers in high-stakes, complex securities and class action matters. The firm's representation of a wide range of clients, both as corporate counsel and as assigned counsel for executive risk providers, protects directors and officers from vulnerabilities that may arise from the very qualities – business strategy, sound judgment, initiative and creativity – they are hired to promote within their organizations. 


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