Cole Schotz P.C.


Information Governance


Businesses that assemble a team to design and implement an information governance policy are often deterred by the enormity of the task and opportunity for misstep. 

A fully implemented and enforced IG policy:

  • provides information stakeholders ready access to secure information that has business value through automated systems and processes; 
  • disposes of information that has no legal, regulatory or business value in a manner that complies with the law; and
  • reduces risk and discovery costs.

We begin with the following questions:

  • What is your business’ current information volume?  Costs?  Risk?  
  • What information has value to your business?  For how long does this information add value to the business?  
  • What information must your business maintain to comply with State and Federal requirements?  For how long must the business maintain these records?

We work with your management, human resources and information technology teams to maximize the value of your business’ electronically stored information.  Upon implementation of a comprehensive IG policy, businesses realize improved access to valuable business information and the reduction of infrastructure costs and information risk.


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