Cole Schotz P.C.



Panel Moderator in IMN’s 16th Annual US Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Forum

June 15, 2015

Attorney: Leo V. Leyva

Structures for Using/Underwriting Bridge Loans/High Yield Loans on Transitional Properties 


Seems like everyone want to be a bridge lender… What has been the impact? Are funds entering the space dropping rates? • Maturity financing activity • Financing & Structuring small deals • Are you going higher up into the cap structure? • Food group and location sweet spots • How much leverage are you comfortable with?

Session Chair: 
Leo V. Leyva, Member, COLE SCHOTZ, PC  

Panel Participants: 
Ruprecht Hellauer, Managing Director, ALBULUS ADVISORS GERMANY GMBH  
Teresa Zien, Managing Director, COLONY CAPITAL LLC 
Spencer Garfield, Managing Director, FORTRESS INVESTMENT GROUP  
Oliver Swan, Managing Partner, TREESDALE REAL ESTATE PARTNERS 


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