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Tax Controversies


We represent clients who make voluntary disclosures of foreign bank accounts not previously disclosed and counsel them through the criminal investigation process and the resulting civil audits.

We also represent those facing state tax assessments resulting from disputes concerning their residency or domicile, as well as “trust fund” tax disputes over responsibility for unpaid sales tax and payroll taxes. In regard to the latter, we received a favorable ruling from the New Jersey Tax Court on the application of the statute of limitations to individual trust fund assessments.

No one looks forward to being audited, but we strive to make the process less stressful, helping our clients produce the necessary documentation and advocating on their behalf with the federal and state tax authorities. A recent federal employment tax initiative has increased the number of businesses being audited, with the IRS focusing on issues involving worker classification (employee v. independent contractor), fringe benefits, officers’ compensation (excessive or unreasonably low), and reimbursed expenses.

Wealthy individuals, and those involved in frequent international transactions, are often targeted for audits as well. In those cases we have experience working in tandem with our clients’ accountants to produce the best results. 


Uncertainty Remains Surrounding the Nonprofit Hospital Tax Exemption

Real Estate & Construction Law Monitor January 21, 2016

Carl A. Rizzo

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